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Colocasia Blue Hawaii

This Taro variety has spelndid blue-veined green foliage. Adds a touch of the exotic to the garden from summer through autumn!
1.00/1.20 (à 10 ans)
0.60 (à 10 ans)
Shade / Part Shade


In a pot or in a shrubbery associated with other tropical-foliage plants like Musa, Hedychium, Dicksonia, Canna etc.


Remove the plant from its container and thoroughly soak the root ball. Place the plant (not too deeply) in a hole with a mixture of loose soil and topsoil around the root-ball, gently tamping the earth. Water in.


Water well the first year. Apply an appropriate fertiliser in spring. Mulch the stump in winter in colder climates.

Ref. 1004805
4L pot
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