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Trachelospermum Pink Showers

(asiaticum) This climber is a pink variation on the well-known Asiatic jasmine. Attractive evergreen foliage serves as a backdrop for its fragrant pink summer blossoms. A moderate grower, it is quite versatile and works equally well in the garden, in container plantings or on a terrace.
2.00/2.50 (à 10 ans)
1.20/1.50 (à 10 ans)


On a treillis or in a pot.


Dig a hole three times the size of the root ball. Remove the plant from its container and thoroughly soak the root ball. Half-fill the hole with a mixture of 2/3 acidic compost and 1/3 garden soil enriched with manure. Place the plant (not too deeply) in the hole and continue filling around the root ball. Water well after planting.


Water frequently during the first year.

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3L pot
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