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Magnolia Mainstreet

(grandiflora) This variety begins life with a pyramidal form, but rounds out with age. Glossy, dark-green leathery leaves with reddish-brown undersides provide a pleasing backdrop for creamy-white, cup-shaped fragrant blossoms.
2.50 (à 10 ans)
1.50 (à 10 ans)


There is a suitable variety for every garden. Good as a lawn specimen or in association with other shrubs such as Rhododendrons, Camellias, Azaleas, Pieris, etc.


Choose a planting site with some protection from wind, and with partial shade. Do not plant in dry soil or wet soggy soil. Dig a hole of about 80 cm. in width and 60 cm. in depth. Half-fill with a mix of soil from the hole, an acid compost and organic matter. Place the plant (not too deeply) in the hole. Avoid disturbing the roots when planting. Finish adding the soil mix to the hole, and water well.


Deeply mulch the root area after planting and water regularly until established. Add a specialised fertiliser each spring. Magnolias may be pruned after blooming.

Ref. magmai
5L pot
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