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Rhododendron Blue Jay

This compact, sun-resistant hybrid blooms towards the end of spring, displaying violet-edged lavender-blue blossoms with deep purple throats against glossy, dark-green foliage.
1.20/1.50 (à 10 ans)
1.00 (à 10 ans)


In association with other Rhododendrons or acid-loving shrubs such as Azaleas, Camellias, Pieris and Magnolias. Can be placed on a patio or terrace in a large container or in a partially shaded flowerbed.


Ideally in partial shade, protected from wind. Dig a hole three times the size of the root ball and half-fill it with an acid compost. Place the plant (not too deeply) in the hole. Finish adding the compost, and water well.


Water regularly during flowering and dry weather. Add a specialised fertiliser each spring. Remove dead flowers.

Ref. P438
5L pot - 3 years
Price € TTC: 24.00
Availability: OK