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Magnolia laevifolia

syn . Michelia yunnanensis. This fairly hardy Chinese species produces creamy-white corolla with a delicious fragrance from March to April. Shiny, light-green evergreen foliage is another attractive feature.
2.50 (à 10 ans)
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Sun / Part Shade / Shade


In shrubberies, flowering hedges or containers.


In acid, non-chalky soil. Dig a hole three times the size of the root ball. Remove the plant from its container and thoroughly soak the root ball. Half-fill the hole with a mixture of 2/3 acid compost and 1/3 garden soil enriched with manure. Place the plant (not too deeply) in the hole and continue filling around the root ball. Water well the first year.


Add a specialised fertiliser in springtime if necessary. Prune at the end of spring to maintain a compact form.

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